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This site is primarily for the display and sale of the wild birds of Southern New York, well perhaps just their images. However there is also a gallery of paintings. Feel free to check the links below and explore the images. There is more information about both the photographs and the paintings on the links in this text. In addition you can check the links for information on purchasing and actually ordering these images, and contact information.

This is a new site and you can expect constant improvements (one can only hope) and updates. Additional images will be added as I learn my way around making these sites. At the moment there are over 600 images of the wild birds of New York on this site. Aside from adding more images, I expect to add links to other sites and information about each species of bird. In the meantime, keep an eye on the "New Gallery," which will be updated at least once a month.





The New Gallery - 4/21/05






Landscapes, Westchester and Putnum County


Ducks and Geese



Chato the Kuvasz



Gulls and Terns




Miscellaneous Birds






Mixed Birds


Shore Birds


Song Birds



Background collage by David Barkin

Favorite link: The paintings of Patricia Melvin

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